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EQUAL’s equine-assisted family programme to forge stronger bonds and improve communication

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About EQUAL’s family programme

EQUAL’s family programme, My Home, My Herd, utilises equine-assisted learning (EAL) to develop social and emotional skills between family members. In these programmes, our gentle horses provide a unique bridging and scaffolding element, enabling experiential learning of new perspectives and behaviours.

Activities in the family programme are centred on creating intentional interaction between caregivers and their wards. These include horse care and interactive activities with horses.

Solution-oriented debriefs conducted at the end of every session help caregivers and their wards draw parallels between their experience and the home setting.

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Families looking to strengthen their bond, improve communication and overcome emotional challenges.

 Up to 5 family members (with at least one child aged between 7 and 21)

Programme Objectives

Programme Overview

“Through the 5 sessions, Alfie learnt how to groom, take care of and ride a horse. Horses are very sensitive animals and Alfie learnt how to observe horse behaviour to know whether the horse is angry or delighted. Alfie also learnt to be disciplined and follow rules and regulations during the sessions at EQUAL. It’s an overall good experience.”

Mother of a 7-year-old son with autism

“The EQUAL Family Programme has brought us closer as a family. Besides learning more about one another and behaviour of horses, the programme constantly brought us back to how we should care for our family members in our daily lives, making what we have learnt from the programme relevant. The instructors are very observant and they provide good advice for myself and every family member. Safety is their priority and they take every possible measure to ensure our safety during our interactions with horses.”

Lau Hui Cheng,
Father of a 13-year-old son with emotional regulation issues


This is the art of caring for horses. Clients are taught basic horse-handling and horse-grooming skills. Through this, they learn the importance of building trust, patience, and caring for those they love.

For many of our clients, this relationship with our horses is one of the rare healthy relationships in their lives. By extrapolating the lessons from the stables to their homes and schools, from animals to the humans in their lives, we help them re-gain confidence in building relationships with those in their lives.


This module involves playing games such as Horse Billiards, Horse Soccer and Crossing The River, which bring to life social-emotional lessons about persistence, empathy, problem-solving, teamwork, and attentiveness.


Clients learn about the consequences of their actions not through words, but through concrete feedback from a majestic 500kg new friend that they will always remember.

November - December Holidays
& January - March 2023

Spend your time with our horses as a family at our site at Jalan Mashhor, surrounded by lush greenery and nature.
Through the sessions, you can expect to strengthen family bonds and improve social-emotional skills through fun and enriching activities with horses, such as showering a horse and horse riding.
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