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At the core of our services are dedicated staff who hail from diverse backgrounds and demographics, EQUAL seeks to build a team of individuals who are looking for something different in the social services space where humans and animals share the same physical, social and emotional space.

EQUAL provides the ideal setting for multidisciplinary growth as well as exposure to countless innovations.

Job Positions

The Programmes & Services Executive will support the Programmes & Services department with administrative, logistical and partnership work at EQUAL. Reporting to the Head of Programmes & Services and working closely with the Programmes & Services team, the scope of the Executive includes:

  • Coordinating with various stakeholders for partnerships and collaborations for programmes at EQUAL.
  • Preparing and customising proposals and quotations, and liaising with clients and/or institutions for submission of the tender documentations.
  • Managing documentation for the department, which includes uploading relevant documents and compiling data onto shared drive, ensuring accuracy of records, and extracting relevant data for audit and reporting purposes. It is required for this role to periodically clean-up the hard and soft copies of the documents in a systematic manner.
  • Coordinating and scheduling administrative and billing arrangements for the Programmes & Services department.
  • Designing simple artwork for worksheets, brochures, and publicity posters required for the programmes. In terms of logistical support, this role is required to liaise with vendors to procure materials/ resources for programme needs, and set up spaces for programme use.
  • Preparing notice of meetings and agendas for department meetings, coordinating with the Animal Welfare team members for programme needs and scheduling, scheduling meetings for key department personnel, and coordinating with Human Resource Department on training matters for the team members.
  • Supporting other ad-hoc activities or projects and to assist in other activities/ works as instructed by your Reporting Officer. The role may be required to work on weekends and public holidays if there are programmes or events.

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Reporting to the Head of Finance & Corporate Services, the Volunteer Manager will be part of EQUAL’s leadership team looking into strategic, sustainable, and scalable growth of the organisation. The scope of the Volunteer Manager includes:

  • Spearheading the development of strategies, policies, processes, initiatives and tools in volunteer management at EQUAL, focusing on volunteer resource planning and management, and collaborating with relevant stakeholders in maintaining a positive environment for volunteering.
  • Identifying and analysing the emerging approaches and trends in volunteerism that will add value to the volunteer engagement strategies. The role will look at fostering an engaging and positive culture for volunteerism by networking and engaging with external stakeholders to identify opportunities for partnership in advancing the volunteering efforts at EQUAL.
  • Developing, implementing, and advancing volunteer management framework, policies, and processes to ensure the practices are in place. This includes regularly evaluating and reviewing policies, systems and structures related to volunteer recruitment, training and development, deployment, and operation to provide role clarity and purpose of volunteerism at EQUAL.
  • Identifying opportunities for volunteer recruitment campaigns and supporting the development of publicity materials as required.
  • Developing and enhancing risk mitigation measures and continuity plan to minimise service disruption and achieve quick recovery through the effective management of volunteers.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with volunteers through regular check-in and engagement activities. This includes volunteer appreciation and welfare programme to recognise the contributions and efforts of the volunteers.
  • Planning strategically using volunteer data and management system, and to develop opportunities to expand volunteer scope of service at EQUAL.
  • Budget planning, implementation and post-evaluation of all volunteer events and activities. The role will be responsible for the team members’ coaching, support, and training and development to ensure operational efficiency.
  • As part of the EQUAL leadership team, the role will contribute towards building a high-performing organisation, a great workplace and fun and positive work culture for the organisation. The role may be required to work on other areas and projects as assigned by the Board and Management.

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