An equine-assisted learning programme curated specially for families facing stress factors.


Family is the key support system in Singapore’s many helping hands approach. However, working with families is not easy: In family work, caseworkers often encounter families that are uncooperative, difficult to engage or confrontational, impeding the intervention that they require.

The Patchwork Family Programme is a family intervention programme that uses equine-assisted learning to support youth going through relationship stresses with their families. It aims to support caseworkers by providing an avenue that may increase the engagement levels in some families, paving the way for intervention to follow effectively and efficiently.

Majestic and gentle therapy horses serve as a unique bridging element, creating the mirroring and observational learning that aids the acquisition of new behaviors as described in social learning theory. Sessions are designed such that intentional, meaningful moments amongst family members are created where stress factors can be addressed in a safe space.



Through Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions, family members understand how to better empathise with each other and improve communication skills which, in turn, deepen family bonds. The experiential learning methodology also helps develop social-emotional skills which allows family members to address their issues more effectively.

The programme is executed through a combination of modules such as, Horsemanship, Horseplay, Horse Riding, Forest School, Mindfulness Training and Art Therapy.

Uncover underlying values and belief systems that may be affecting family dynamics


Self-discovery is an essential part of the EAL methodology. By discovering solutions through the experiential sessions on their own, learning outcomes are understood better. Every session is also concluded with a facilitated debrief to help families parallel the learning experiences and translate it to their home setting. 

To ensure the impact gained from the programme is sustained, all learning outcomes and action plans are shared with caseworkers who can guide families after the programme has concluded.

Share solutions and action plans with case workers to sustain impact



Programme Structure

Targeted Group of Families

This programme is specially designed for low-income families, families with members who have disabilities, families with youth who are Beyond Parental Control, families reuniting with youth from institutional care and foster families with their foster children

5 Weekly or Fortnightly Sessions

Each session lasts about 3 hours long on weekdays or weekends

Progressive Structure

Programme will begin with introductory and safety sessions, followed by one-on-one horse-human contact

Tailored Content

Family profiles are taken into consideration when developing programme content to ensure best outcomes

Programme Modules


Groundwork activities involving  one-to-one interaction with horses.


The art of  caring for horses - from grooming, to showering and other basic techniques.

Horse Riding

A form of art therapy inspired by the lush greenery and nature surrounding EQUAL premises.

If you would like to know more about the Patchwork Family Programme, please write to us at or call 6904 0422.


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