An equine-assisted learning programme curated specially for youth.


Social needs in Singapore are increasingly complex and inter-twined. New stress factors from growing up in modern Singapore are leading to a wider range of social-emotional issues. No longer are struggling youth coming only from low-income homes; they now also come from middle and high-income homes. Most have already been exposed to many experiences and as such, may be harder to engage. To address this, it is important for Singapore to continue increasing the diversity of social services so that different avenues can be made accessible to our community.

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The Youth Programme was introduced to provide an alternative, effective intervention and social-emotional skills coaching of youths with the help of horses. Equine-assisted Learning (EAL) has been proven to be highly effective in reaching out to difficult-to-engage youths and youths with special needs. For more information on EAL research studies for youths, please click here.

Together with our equine partners, EQUAL instructors design sessions to develop social-emotional skills, such as managing impulsivity, thinking interdependently and taking responsible risks, in these youths. These set of skills are essential to help them to build meaningful relationships with their peers, teachers and families and in turn, attain success in the future.



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Addressing the social- emotional needs and mental well-being of youth

Sessions are meticulously planned to help develop important social-emotional skills in youth aged between 10 to 18 years old. Such skills include the ability to manage impulsivity, empathy, resilience, responsibility, confidence, respect and focus.

The programme is executed through a combination of modules such as, Horsemanship, Horseplay, Horse Riding, Forest School, Mindfulness Training and Art Therapy.

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To encourage youth to sustain positive behavioural changes learned at EQUAL

Tailored specifically to address the needs of the youth (for example, lack of focus, low self-esteem, short attention span etc.),  the Youth Programme also includes a Lesson Report for teachers and caseworkers. The report highlights specific behaviour observed during each session as well as recommended actions that may help encourage positive habits.

Instructors also regularly work with teachers, counsellors and caseworkers to ensure aligned objectives for every youth.


Programme Structure

Targeted Group of Beneficiaries

This programme is specially designed for youth aged between 10 and 18 years old, especially those struggling academically or with special needs

10 - 18 Weekly Sessions

Each session lasts about 2.5 hours long on weekdays or weekends

Progressive Structure

Programme will begin with introductory and safety sessions, followed by one-on-one horse-human contact

Tailored Content

Youth profiles are taken into consideration when developing programme content to ensure best outcomes

Programme Modules


Groundwork activities involving  one-to-one interaction with horses.


The art of  caring for horses - from grooming, to showering and other basic techniques.

Horse Riding

A form of art therapy inspired by the lush greenery and nature surrounding EQUAL premises.

Click here to download the Youth Programme Brochure.

If you would like to know more about the Youth Programme, please write to us at or call 6904 0422.


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Testimonials from Parents

"My son, Mattheus was born with the genetic disorder, NF1. At the age of 3, he was diagnosed with hearing loss and fitted with hearing aid. These conditions have delayed his speech/language and cognitive development. He lacks self-confidence and can be quite timid at trying new things.

Mattheus loves animals and was blessed with close contact with horses through the EQUAL programme. He looked forward to every session with enthusiasm. He enjoyed caring for the horses, playing games with them and riding them. He also enjoyed the interactive activities with the instructors and friends he made at the programme.

The programme has helped Mattheus to be more confident and responsible. He has also learnt to be more accommodating towards others. He is now more bold in sharing his opinions with others too."

~ Mdm Hsu Y. F.

​​"Through this programme, we have seen how my son Danial overcame his challenges, especially balancing issues. He is now less fearful of riding and has learnt to work better in a team. It has also helped him gained more confidence. In end August, he took part in his school's talent contest and got into the finals. It was his 1st time playing the drums in public and he had no stage fright at all!”

~ Mdm Haznita

"I have heard nothing but praise from fellow parents…All the coaches are professional and very experienced in managing special needs kids. They did a superb job in organising all the lessons from Habits of Mind, selecting very appropriate topics such as independent thinking, managing impulsiveness and active listening. The outdoor activities were a favourite, as the youths get to practice what they learnt by interacting with the horses, cultivating a sense of achievement and self-confidence.”

~ Mr Samuel, Elias' father


How You Can Help

As a charity, EQUAL is able to carry out our work through the generous support of partners, volunteers and donors.

To be a part of the EQUAL family, you can help in these ways:

  • Become a Volunteer

If you are interested to volunteer as a befriender, a special needs carer, a horse leader or a stable hand, please complete the Volunteer Form below.​

For corporate or group volunteering, please contact us directly at

  • Give a Gift

Your donation goes a long way in helping our beneficiaries and our rescued horses. You can support the Youth Programme by sponsoring more beneficiaries to benefit from the programme. Simply complete the Donation Form below to find out more.


Alternatively, you can also make direct donations through the link below.

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