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Research by Stanford University

Quantitative & qualitative findings indicated significant increase in positive perception of social support, greater sense of reciprocity, awareness & upliftedness and appreciation of one another.



Research by Ohio State University 

Researchers have determined that spending time with horses eases symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia. It also reported 25% improvement in Modified Nursing Home Problem Behaviour Scale.

Research in the American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease & Other Dementias 

This study offered evidence that a non-pharmacological approach, equine-assisted activities program (EAAP), provided safe and largely enjoyable opportunities to long-term care residents with dementia. Furthermore, these opportunities appeared to help residents tap into and use a wide range of their existing capacities, interact intentionally with people and horses, and engage in more complex, multilayered activities than typical in their LTC facility.


"The 8 elderly who completed 10 weekly sessions at EQUAL had good results and improvement in mental well-being and better resilience in dealing with depression." 
~ Mr Richard Then of Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

"St Theresa’s Home and EQUAL worked together to bring equine-assisted therapy for elderly residents in 2017. A 6-session programme was planned for residents with behavioral issues, depression or dementia. From the beginning to the end of the six sessions, residents surprised the staff with many changes.


Those with depression became more vocal. They were seen talking more and expressing their affection with the horses. Residents with anger issues were also calmer after the therapy sessions. Most surprising of all was the impact on two residents with dementia. They were able to recall their time spent with the horses and the names of their favourite horses. This programme was a great success and we look forward to bring more residents to EQUAL in 2018." 
~ Mr. Victor Seng, Executive Director of St Theresa’s Home

"Apex Harmony Lodge and EQUAL collaborated in 2017 to deliver equine assisted therapy for Person with Dementia (PWD). This programme is uniquely designed to enhance PWDs’ mood, engagement and promote well-being. It started out successfully as our residents are excited and relate well to the horses. Our Occupational Therapist tracked the progress of our residents using Dementia Care Mapping, Bradford Well-Being Profiling Tool and MOCA.


Across 10 sessions, residents demonstrated overwhelming positive vs negative well-being scores, and an increase in overall positive mood and engagement. To date, a total of 20 residents have enjoyed this therapy and we hope to continue our collaboration with EQUAL in 2018." 
~ Ms Soh Mee Choo, CEO Apex Harmony Lodge

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