An equine-assisted learning programmed curated specially for elderly struggling with dementia and/or depression, living in nursing homes.


Dementia is a form of accelerated ageing; where brain cells die at a much faster rate than normal. This causes both short-term and long-term memory loss.


In Singapore, a rapidly agein population means that 1 in 3 Singaporeans aged 80 and above is expected to have dementia. Additionally, some 50% of elderly in nursing homes are clinically depressed.

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EQUAL believe that caring for our elderly's inner world, their psycho-social needs and mental health, is just as important as their physical health.

With the help of our equine partners, we have found that one of the most effective alternative methods to help our pioneer generation live the rest of their lives with Dignity.



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Addressing the emotional needs and mental well-being of beneficiaries

Sessions are meticulously planned to help improve the mental and social emotional well being of elderly aged 65 years and above, especially those diagnosed with dementia and depression, living in institutions.

This includes a combination of Person-Centred Care, Equine-Assisted Learning (such as horseplay and horsemanship) and Nature Pedagogy.

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Creating a platform for relaxed interactions between volunteers, caregivers and the elderly

Elderly and their fellow caregivers will have the opportunity to bond outside of their regular routines at the nursing home, together with volunteers. This simply weekly interaction will help create special, unique memories for all and create valuable friendships. Furthermore, such interactions help reduce caregiver burden.

Most sessions are planned such that each elderly will be cared for by at least 1 or 2 individuals, to ensure undivided attention.


Programme Structure

Targeted Group of Beneficiaries

This programme is specially designed for seniors aged 65 and above, especially those with dementia and depression, living in institutions or the the community

10 Weekly Sessions

Each session lasts about 2 hours long, including a break

Progressive Structure

Programme will begin with introductory and safety sessions, followed by one-on-one horse-human contact

Tailored Content

Beneficiaries' profiles are taken into consideration when developing programme content to ensure best outcomes

Tracking of Beneficiary's Progress

Each beneficiary's progress is tracked by the team of EQUAL Instructors, together with input from volunteers and caregivers

Programme Modules


Groundwork activities involving  one-to-one interaction with horses.


The art of  caring for horses - from grooming, to showering and other basic techniques.

Nature Therapy

A form of art therapy inspired by the lush greenery and nature surrounding EQUAL premises.


The practice of being self-aware and in the present through regulated breathing exercises.

If you would like to know more about the Dignify Elderly Programme, please write to us at info@equal.org.sg or call 6904 0422.


Our Partners

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"The 8 elderly who completed 10 weekly sessions at EQUAL had good results and improvement in mental well-being and better resilience in dealing with depression." 

~ Mr Richard Then of Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

​​"St Theresa’s Home and EQUAL worked together to bring equine-assisted therapy for elderly residents in 2017. A 6-session programme was planned for residents with behavioral issues, depression or dementia. From the beginning to the end of the six sessions, residents surprised the staff with many changes.

Those with depression became more vocal. They were seen talking more and expressing their affection with the horses. Residents with anger issues were also calmer after the therapy sessions. Most surprising of all was the impact on two residents with dementia. They were able to recall their time spent with the horses and the names of their favourite horses. This programme was a great success and we look forward to bring more residents to EQUAL in 2018." 

~ Mr. Victor Seng, Executive Director of St Theresa’s Home

"Apex Harmony Lodge and EQUAL collaborated in 2017 to deliver equine assisted therapy for Person with Dementia (PWD). This programme is uniquely designed to enhance PWDs’ mood, engagement and  promote well-being. It started out successfully as our residents are excited and relate well to the horses. Our Occupational Therapist tracked the progress of our residents using Dementia Care Mapping, Bradford Well-Being Profiling Tool and MOCA.


Across 10 sessions, residents demonstrated overwhelming positive vs negative well-being scores, and an increase in overall positive mood and engagement. To date, a total of 20 residents have enjoyed this therapy and we hope to continue our collaboration with EQUAL in 2018." 

~ Ms Soh Mee Choo, CEO Apex Harmony Lodge


How You Can Help

As a charity, EQUAL is able to carry out our work through the generous support of partners, volunteers and donors.

To be a part of the EQUAL family, you can help in these ways:

  • Become a Volunteer

If you are interested to volunteer as an elderly befriender, a special needs carer, a horse leader or a stable hand, please complete the Volunteer Form below.​

For corporate or group volunteering, please contact us directly at info@equal.org.sg.

  • Give a Gift

Your donation goes a long way in helping our beneficiaries and our rescued horses. You can support the Dignify Elderly Programme by sponsoring more beneficiaries to benefit from the programme. Simply complete the Donation Form below to find out more.


Alternatively, you can also make direct donations through the link below.

Volunteer Form

We will contact you to speak about how you can volunteer your time for the Dignify Elderly Programme.

Thank you.

Donation Form

We will contact you to speak about how you can volunteer your time for the Dignify Elderly Programme.

Thank you.