White Horse

Please note that EQUAL does not allow walk-ins nor public visitation to our stable.
To find out more, please refer to our visitor policy below.


Adhering to the current COVID-19 Safe Management Measures,

Please note that all visitations have been put on hold till further notice.

1. EQUAL does not allow walk-ins nor public visitation to our stable.

2. Safety should not be compromised.

  • Safety Briefing is required and will be done by the EQUAL Host before stepping into the stable.

  • Please adhere to all the EQUAL safety rules.

  • EQUAL will not be liable or responsible for any claims, penalties, theft, loss, damage or expenses, howsoever arising, out of or in connection with your visit to EQUAL, including, without limitation, direct or indirect loss, consequential loss or damage, as a result of a breach of negligence, delict and any unforeseen circumstances.

3. Visitations are only open for the mentioned groups below.

3.a Ex or Current EQUAL Beneficiaries

3.b EQUAL Staff's friends and families

3.c Volunteer's friends and families

3.d Ex-EQUAL Staff

3.e EQUAL's partners and clients

4. Prior appointment booking and clearance from relevant EQUAL management personnel are required before the visit.

4.a Ex or Current Beneficiaries

Click to email:  Youth Programme  |   Family Programme 

  • Please email to relevant programme manager regarding the visitation.

  • Proof of clearance from parent/guardian to be provided by the visitor if under 18.

  • Instructor to have the contact number of parent/guardian. 

4.b EQUAL Staff's friends and families

  • Invitation only through the EQUAL staff.

  • Visitation will be hosted throughout by the EQUAL staff who invited you.

4.c Volunteer's friends and families

Click to email:   Volunteer Programme

  • Volunteers are not allowed to bring their friends/families along while on official duties.

  • Volunteers to email to Volunteer Manager regarding the visitation.

  • Please refer to the volunteer handout and policy

4.d Ex-EQUAL Staff 

Click to email:  EQUAL General Enquiries

  •  Please email EQUAL regarding the visitation.

4.e EQUAL's partners and clients

  • For partners and clients who fall under the programme, please email directly to the relevant programme manager.

  • For partners and clients that do not fall under any programme, please email to Community Partnership Manager regarding the visitation.

5. Attire for visitors

  • Visitors MUST wear covered shoes.

6. Visiting Duration and Frequency

  • Visitors to be limited to one visit per three months.

  • Each visit to be limited to a maximum of one hour.

7.  No mounted or any horseplay activities.

  • No feeding the horses without the approval of the Equine Manager or his representative.

8. Visitors are to be supervised and escorted by the EQUAL staff and host at all times.

9. Sessions take priority.

  • Hosting by the EQUAL staff is completely voluntary and out of their goodwill. 

       Therefore at times, we might not be able to accommodate your desired time slot and day.

10. PDPA

  • Visitors are not to take photos of any beneficiaries or sessions.

  • Photos of the horses are alright. Please ensure no flash photography.