EQUAL Scholar-Lite

Intervention type:        Psychosocial / Rehabilitation
Target clients:               Vulnerable youth in organizations
Target outcomes:         Cognitive-behavioral change / Engagement in education or employment / Mentorship
Intensity:                       Mid
Duration:                       3 hours
Frequency:                    18 sessions

EQUAL Scholar-Lite is registered with the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s RPG program database. Since inception in April 2016, we are working with over 10 organizations and 80 beneficiaries, from voluntary children’s homes like Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home and Singapore Boys’ Hostel, schools like Northview Secondary School and St. Andrews Secondary School, and special needs VWOs like MINDS and Presbyterian Community Services. Targeted delivery is overseen by our Senior Counselor to ensure specialized needs are met.

Our beneficiaries undergo

We believe in pre-emptive interventions for vulnerable youth before they are disengaged. In 2016, Scholar-Lite was a Capstone project with the National University of Singapore and an Research and Service Learning (RESL) project with Raffles Institution.