Why We Are Here

What makes us special:

  • Our novel environment or “change of scenery” (Harvard Family Research Project, 2004)
  • Full inclusion between youth with disabilities, vulnerable youth, mainstream students, and corporate volunteers
  • The horse as partner

Education and employment are key problems for vulnerable youth, which includes juvenile offenders, youth with disabilities, and youth with mental health issues. 27,000 youth in Singapore are not in education, employment, or training (NEET).

The EQUAL-ARK program sees over 500 youth per year through its service model, designed alongside The Social Collaborative, led by Dr. Justin Lee, Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies. The model allows us to match higher risks and needs to higher intensity of intervention.

Across the board, we take a cognitive-behavioral strengths approach to intervention (World Bank, 2010). This means building resilience and social inclusion in our beneficiaries, so they can better meet with life’s challenges. At the same time, targeted delivery allows us to work on mental health needs like anger management, anxiety, emotional regulation, etc.